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Recon Launch Press Release

A new name in spatial data capture has been launched in the form of New Zealand-owned Recon.

The Recon consultancy team will focus on surveying, UAV mapping, 3D scanning and data capture for modelling, bringing crucial field experience and a toolbox of the latest technology to client projects.

“We have seen unprecedented change in the construction sector over the last five years in terms of the depth of accurate spatial data available to engineers, civil contractors and survey professionals,” says Recon general manager, Jeremy Neilson.

“The accuracy and ease with which spatial data can be captured and how this can provide for a complete 360 degree view of any project regardless of scale, is extremely impressive. Thanks to the sort of technology being introduced to the local industry, the boundaries of what can be achieved for any survey professional or entity seeking spatial information have been pushed forward significantly.

“We really are seeing future-tech solutions being used to solve problems and provide spatial data in New Zealand every single day,” he says.

Surveying provides the basis of accurately capturing and collating spatial data from one or more sources. Once captured, accurate and current spatial data enables intelligent decision making based on information gathered in real-time. This in turn means project managers have the ability to make more informed decisions and improve both project design and forecasting.

Recon’s in-house survey specialist will service the civil construction and surveying industries, while the consultancy’s specialised end-to-end UAV service will enable surveyors, developers, local councils and other entities to gather detailed terrain information in a quick and safe manner.

Another service offered by Recon is highly accurate and portable 3D laser scanning. When a large amount of detail is required within a timeframe much shorter than that which traditional surveying can provide, Recon’s 3D laser scanning service offers another complete package for the data end-user.           

 “Essentially, with our experience on a multitude of spatial data capture projects and access to globally recognised hardware and software solutions, Recon is effectively a multi-faceted surveying consultancy with a whole lot more horsepower behind it,” continues Jeremy.

He says that Recon – which has been established as part of the Synergy Positioning Systems group of companies – consists of consultants offering specialised skills, but with the ability to jump across into other disciplines as required.

 “While we have a specific focus, we’re still a multi-service agency,” Jeremy concludes.

“We can come in and capture the required data, support a surveying entity on the job if they’re wanting to utilise the technology themselves, or even advise on the right technology for a company’s needs if they wish to purchase it for themselves.”

June 28, 2017

Recon at BuildNZ 2017

Catch up with Recon at this year's BuildNZ conference, ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane 25 - 27 June - booth 202.  It's a great time to talk to us about upcoming projects and how we can make them more successful.  We'll have a range of the latest UAVs, laser scanners and survey tools of the trade on show. See you there!

June 28, 2017

New FARO S-Series

Recon is proud to offer the FARO S350 3D scanner. The improved range accuracy and orientation specification makes it a straight forward decision for any user who has both inside detail and outside long-range scanning requirements. With their sealed design, the S-series models are certified via the industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) Rating, and classified in Class 54 for environmental protection.

The devices are built to safeguard against intrusions such as dirt, dust, fog and rain as well as other outdoor elements which typically occur in challenging scanning conditions. An on-site compensation tool allows data quality optimisation on-site. Integrated GPS & GLONASS receiver enable easy positioning. HDR imaging and HD photo resolution ensure true-to-detail scan results with high data quality

FARO®'s latest ultra-portable FocusS  Laser Scanners enable you to capture fast, straight forward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings. The intuitive touch-screen of the FocusS models has been increased in size and clarity to deliver an extraordinary user experience. A built-in 8 mega-pixel, HDR-camera captures detailed imagery easily while providing a natural colour overlay to the scan data in extreme lighting conditions. Familiar traits such as light weight, small size and a 4.5-hour battery runtime per charge makes the FocusS Laser Scanner truly mobile for fast, secure and reliable scanning.

The FocusS 350 offers extra long range - 350m. With a sealed design, they are certified via the industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) Rating, and classified in Class 54 for environmental protection. An addition the these laser scanners offer a future-proof interface to connect additional accessories to the scanner and provide a specific on-site compensation routine.

All scanner types offer the possibility to perform scanning even in bright sunlight. Remote scanning as well as almost limitless scan data sharing via SCENE Webshare Cloud make the laser scanning solution truly mobile.

June 30, 2017


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