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How Do UAV Services Improve Efficiency In The Transport Sector?

In the last few years, there has been rapid development in UAV services, and they are now used for many different applications. They are a quick and cost-effective way to survey, map and monitor land and waterways.

While this technology has applications in a multitude of fields, one area that has significantly benefited from UAV services is the transport sector. Read on to learn more about some of the efficiency improvements experienced in this sector.

High-Resolution Orthophotography Via UAV Services

High-resolution aerial images can be married with the geometries of the surface to produce what is referred to as an orthorectified image. The scale of the photograph is uniform and can therefore be used in the same way as a map to measure distances with great accuracy.

Multiple images can be combined into a collage to create the final image. Displacement discrepancies such as building tilt and camera tilt are adjusted for, creating an image that can be useful in multiple construction, transport and utility applications.

These high-resolution images are extremely useful for planning and analysing proposed road and rail routes.

Vehicle-Based LiDAR For Surveying Motorways And Other Structures

LiDAR sensors on a vehicle are fixed to emit laser light in all directions. As the light strikes the objects in the vicinity, such as cars, buildings and vegetation, it bounces back to the sensor. This information is recorded and can be reconstructed in a format that shows the distance of all objects in the vehicle's vicinity.

This technology has been effectively used to survey roads, motorways and other transport-related structures for analysis and improvement planning.

UAV Services For Progress Monitoring

Regular flights over the construction areas provide an accurate record of progress on a project. This data can assist in troubleshooting delays and other issues that may arise from analysing these images.

DTM for month-end earthworks calculations

UAV services are particularly helpful in digital terrain modelling (DTM) to accurately calculate earthwork volumes every month during a road or railway construction project. Without these accurate estimates, the construction team will not be able to correctly assign construction assets or refine project schedules. UAV services take the guesswork out of these calculations providing solid data that can be used to minimise financial risk.

Contact Recon today to find out how UAV services can be valuable to your transport sector project. Our staff come from various backgrounds and bring extensive knowledge and expertise to satisfy your mapping and surveying needs.


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