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What To Look For When Seeking Drone Laser Scanning Services

Drone laser scanning services are quickly becoming popular for gathering data for construction projects, in the mining and transport industries, the agriculture sector and more. In fact, new ways of using this incredible technology are being developed all the time.

Now that you are looking for someone to conduct drone laser scanning services for your business, here is a brief overview of how this technology works and some tips for selecting the right company to do your drone laser scanning.

How Does Drone Laser Scanning Work?

During the flight time, a laser line is passed over the surfaces below. A camera sensor mounted in the laser scanner accurately records a multitude of 3D points in space. This data can be converted into a very accurate representation of the surfaces from different vantage points, in a non-contact manner, from a distance.

Capturing Of High-Quality Data

One of the critical elements in the success of drone laser scanning is the quality of the data captured. To ensure that the geometry is accurate, the data capture must be high-quality, 3D data collected from millions of data points. Scans done at this quality level will render results meeting typical ‘survey accuracy’. Maps produced from this data will be highly accurate and extremely useful for various applications across different industries.

Usability Of Data Captured Through Drone Laser Scanning

To ensure that the data captured can be used for multiple applications, the data cloud points must be converted into digital elevation models (DEM) also known as 3D digital terrain models (DTM). The data should be compatible with existing modelling software to integrate well and allow for manipulation to suit the specific application. 

The data collected could also be used in conjunction with virtual reality technology to create a virtual environment that accurately represents the actual surroundings.

To enhance the usability of the data, it should be accessible in cloud-based storage and convertible into various formats to work on multiple devices and applications.

Up-To-Date Knowledge And Expertise

When seeking someone to conduct your drone laser scanning, select a company with its finger on the pulse of current trends and technology. This field is experiencing massive growth, and interest is firing research and development to new levels. To ensure that you are getting the best benefit, be sure to hire someone that is on top of the game. Expertise in drone laser scanning techniques and the latest equipment will get you the best results.

Contact Recon today for all your drone laser scanning requirements. Our team offers significant experience in surveying, aerial mapping, inspections and 3D scanning, all done on the latest equipment. We can get the job done quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality standards.


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