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How Can You Make UAV Services Work For Your Company?

If you need some convincing as to how UAV services can add value to your company, then read on to learn more about the commercial and other applications of aerial mapping and drone services.

If you are thinking of aerial drone services, you probably imagine how they are helpful for surveys and mapping purposes. And while these applications are extremely popular, you will discover that UAV services are being used across various other areas for an ever-expanding list of applications. Here are some of the ways this cost-effective and innovative technology is being employed.

Management Of Resources And Stocks

The mining industry is using UAV services extensively to monitor quarry and stockpile volumes, which is also useful for the construction industry. 

Forestry and agricultural industries can utilise aerial imagery for asset management and harvest planning. They can also track plant growth to identify potential concerns such as water or insect problems and assist them in finding timeous solutions.

Environmental Protection

Large tracts of land can be quickly surveyed, monitored and mapped for environmental protection, impact assessments and management. These areas are often large and inaccessible to humans and vehicles making UAV services invaluable.


Aerial inspections are quicker, more accurate and safer than manual inspections. Building and roof inspections can be carried out cost-effectively. Utility inspections such as power lines and installations can be carried out, increasing maintenance capabilities. Telecommunication towers and other structures can be inspected, and information gathered can also be used to make expansion decisions.

Photo And Video Imagery

Advances in UAV services have opened up a whole new world of efficiency and productivity in photography and videography. From cinematography to capturing live events, the scope is endless.

Advertising and promotional campaigns are also taking advantage of the superior image quality, including vertical and oblique images, and high-definition video that can be captured.

Emergency Services, Natural Disaster And Rescue

UAV services can effectively be employed to spring into action in the case of emergency situations like road accidents and natural disasters such as floods and fires. The visual imagery of the scene can be provided without further endangering human life for risk assessment and rescue planning. 

Contact the team at Recon today to find out how we can add value to your company with a wide range of UAV services. Our solutions include the latest technology with centimetre-accurate scanning equipment and rapid post-processing and output of usable deliverables.


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