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What Is An Aerial Drone Survey?

Drones have taken the world by storm and aerial drone survey services are soaring in popularity with businesses. They are simple for professionals to use and give their users, or end clients, consistent accuracy while increasing worker safety.

In addition, weeks of person-hours are saved with brings savings at multiple levels. Let’s look at this phenomenal value-add service.

What Is An Aerial Drone Survey?

An aerial drone survey service is a next-level way of surveying land or properties. Commercial drones can supply businesses with survey-grade images and reliable data per site. 

The captured survey data can then be transformed by software into an interactive 3D map visual. This data is quickly obtained which gives business real-time progress tracking and team redeployment. It also helps with volume measurements and maintenance inspections.

The combination of the images captured by the drones with integrated GPS equipment gives businesses a digital “print” of a live project in an incredibly short space of time and at very affordable rates. The return on investment is fast and quickly turns into a profit-enhancing service. 

What Is The Aerial Drone Survey Process?

The integrated cameras on the drone photograph the landscape or property from various angles. The onboard GNSS system generates geo-coordinates constantly and a synchronised location record is tagged to every captured image. 

Real-time kinematic (RTK) or post-processing kinematic (PPK) workflows are used to verify these coordinates against pre-recorded points on the ground.

Drone photogrammetry software processes the collated data into geo-referenced orthomosaics. Orthomosaics are a “map” made from images that had the tilt and stretch of perspective removed (corrected) as well as the distortions from the effects of rugged terrain. This gives you planimetrically correct images for your project records and planning.

Aerial Drone Survey Usage

Surveyors can get 3D site models from the above datasets and use them for accurate stockpile assessments, cut/fill measurements, terrain angles, distances and much more. This information would take days to capture using manual staff teams.

The low flying altitude of drones makes them more versatile and efficient than a piloted aircraft. Drone surveys save you time and money again and again.

Drone Survey Benefits

There is a very long list of drone benefits so here are a few of the top benefits:

Topographic Survey Accuracy & Cost

Drones have the same accuracy but gather the data in minutes and hours instead of days or weeks. 

Field Time

An aerial drone survey is many times faster than staff on the ground. It also doesn’t need as many staff to collate the data. 

Data Accuracy

One drone survey can supply a surveyor with thousands of measurements. Each pixel (sub-centimetre) of the final orthomosaic map holds very accurate 3D geodata. This will give accurate progress tracking and measurements which can be linked to specific project stages.

Ease Of Access

A drone can access otherwise inaccessible landscapes and harsh terrain giving you access to the geodata of your project without costly delays or costly teams and equipment.

Drones can help with vastly different projects and tasks from road maintenance, landfill management, mining exploration, land reclamation, maintenance inspections of the interior of large vats, rescue operations and so much more! 

Start saving costs and time while increasing safety levels - book your aerial droney survey today! Ph 0800 732669 


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