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Benefits Of Drone Laser Scanning In The Construction Industry

Drone laser scanning has applications across many industries, but one area where it is being used with significant effect is in the construction industry.

Read on for more information on how this technology is used in the construction industry to aid decision-making and keep the various stakeholders informed.

Using Drone Laser Scanning For Mapping

The first thing that needs to be done when deciding on a new construction site is to map it. In the past, this could be a lengthy and time-consuming process, but now things have changed. Drone laser scanning can be employed to quickly scan the site, no matter how large and generate an accurate picture of the landscape. Not only is it quick, but it is certainly more cost-effective and precise than traditional methods.

Using Drone Laser Scanning To Track Projects

These same techniques can be employed throughout the construction project to monitor the progress and demonstrate to the relevant stakeholders what work is being completed. These true-to-life visualisations are a faithful reflection of the state of the project.

The drone laser scanning imagery can be used to identify causes of delays and safety issues in an attempt to rectify negative situations before they become more impactful.

High Levels Of Accuracy

Using drone laser scanning technology, the stakeholders can be provided with the most accurate picture of the construction site. Depending on the technology used, conditions can be measured down to a few centimetres degree of accuracy. This high level of accuracy aids decision-making as there is a greater understanding of building conditions. If a greater degree of accuracy is required Recon will deploy ground-based scanning techniques.

Saving Time And Money 

Employing this innovative technology allows for access to remote locations, accurate scanning and quick turnaround times on outputs. All of this superseded anything that would be possible with a survey done on the ground. The data is quickly available to all stakeholders, keeping everyone in the loop as to what is happening.

All of this provides a drastic reduction in the number of man hours that would be required to produce similar data on-site and in-person. Thus reducing labour costs and, in the long term, saving time too.

Safety First

Construction sites are busy and potentially dangerous places. By making use of the latest drone technologies, it is possible to scan the entire construction site from above, thus not endangering the life of any crew member and keeping all scanning equipment safe from harm.

For more information on how drone laser scanning can help you in your construction business, contact Recon today. Our expert team offers services in surveying, airborne LiDAR, aerial mapping, inspection and terrestrial 3D scanning using the latest technologies.



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