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The Benefits of Hiring Professionals To Do Your UAV Drone Survey

UAV drone survey is fast becoming the method of choice when surveys need to be conducted. UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) technology provides the quickest, most cost-effective and most accurate way of surveying, mapping and monitoring landforms, watercourses, roads and railways.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of this advanced technology that can assist you in getting your surveying task done quickly and effectively.

High-Quality, Imaging And Results

As technology in UAV drone surveys continues to develop, the quality of the imagery (photographs and video) is high quality.  The resultant high-definition media can be used for multiple applications like creating 3D maps, interactive 3D models and 3D visualisations from reality modelling.

Unsurpassed Accuracy Equals Cost Savings

A UAV drone survey has proven results that rival any land survey.  The vehicle can be pre-programmed to pinpoint accuracy for precise positioning.  This assists in the accuracy that can be achieved, for example, in engineering designs based on this high-quality data, meaning that initial plans will be accurate for cost estimates for project quotes.

Other applications include assistance in precision calculations in the farming industry, for example, the amounts of fertiliser and insecticides that will be needed preventing the over-application of these materials, and bringing cost savings to the farmer.

A UAV Drone Survey Can Be Used Anywhere

A UAV drone survey can be carried out just about anywhere, and the maneuverability, range and level of control give a large amount of flexibility to the areas that can be accessed.  Drones can fly as low as necessary to ensure that all the appropriate images and videos are recorded, providing more access than land surveys or manned flight surveys.

Safe Operations By Licensed Operators

When employing the services of a UAV drone survey company, you can be assured that the UAV operator will have all the appropriate licenses and permissions before the survey is carried out.  There are still some grey areas regarding the registration of unmanned aerial vehicles, so it is best to employ the services of professionals to ensure that these aspects have been attended to.

As drones can fly just about anywhere, it is also essential to understand the ethics of invading privacy.  A task also best left to the professionals.

Contact Recon today to find out how we can assist with your UAV drone survey.  Our expert team will advise you on how we can produce cost-effective and accurate imagery to suit your specific application.


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