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Drone Road Survey

Survey large road areas without needing to close roads and engage in time-consuming manual surveys. Recon has a wealth of experience using drones to obtain survey-accurate data on roads. We are CAA-certified and use the latest drone technology, ensuring safe drone flights and the high quality results.

Manual vs Drone Surveys

Manual road surveys typically require closing roads repeatedly, and the entire road normally needs to be surveyed on foot. While manual road surveys are the most accurate, they become increasingly expensive and disruptive when they are conducted over larger or busier road areas. A drone survey using photogrammetry technology, on the other hand, allows even large road areas to be surveyed within a day and to an accuracy of 10-20mm.

Photogrammetry works by capturing numerous images from different positions, then using triangulation to obtain 3D measurements of the photographed area. Just like we use two eyes, the technology uses multiple views of one object to better calculate distance. Photogrammetry software combines photographed ground features with collected data on GPS location, camera angles and pixel size to precisely survey large areas such as roads.

There is no need for road closures - the whole survey process causes zero disruption to traffic. Even in busy road conditions, photogrammetry software is able to disregard vehicles on the road and calculate accurate measurements from the photos taken.

Recon’s Expertise

Obtaining the certification allowing these surveys requires demonstrating robust safety protocols and procedures. Recon has completed a range of drone survey road projects, and our staff are highly experienced with drone survey projects of all types. We are constantly developing our drone services and have recently upgraded to newer drone equipment, allowing us to provide even sharper imagery and more accurate survey data.

In addition to surveying expertise, Recon is experienced at creating powerful and user-friendly models of survey data. Using cutting-edge software like Skyline's PhotoMesh, we are able to process hundreds of thousands of images, create high-resolution 3D models and project previews, and export data and models into the range of formats you require. Our experience with UAV road survey data means we can either manage the model creation part of the project for you or advise on the best software and methods for utilising the survey data we collect.

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