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Aerial Drone Services

Aerial drone mapping outperforms traditional surveying techniques, completing surveys more quickly and giving you access to far more detailed data. Due to the reduced manpower and disruption to operations required, it is often more cost effective as well.

Aerial Drone Services

Recon has a broad range of expertise in aerial drone services for surveying. We are able to advise on the benefits of different survey types, and create models which deliver the most actionable data for your project.

The Survey Process

The time and the number of flights needed will depend on the area being surveyed and the type of aerial drone survey, but generally the process is completed within a few hours. Survey areas can be as small as the exterior of a single building or over a much larger area, such as tracts of planted forests or stretches of coastline.

Drones can carry out both photographic and LiDAR surveys depending on what is required, and all of the captured data is geo-referenced. Recon has experience doing drone surveys on terrain of all types, and can consult with you beforehand to determine which area is best surveyed and how.

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Modelling the Aerial Drone Survey

A single drone survey captures a huge amount of data, and with the right knowledge it can be used to create numerous insight-rich models. Recon is skilled at both identifying modelling opportunities for different project types and creating the models themselves in compatible and easy-to-use software formats.

Geo-referenced imagery captured during the survey can be used to generate detailed scaled maps of the area photographed. High-resolution images can also be used for more industry-specific data gathering, such as species identification and harvest planning for forestry, or accurate cadastral mapping by local government.

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LiDAR Survey

LiDAR survey data captures the area surveyed in three dimensions, yielding an even wider range of possibilities. Mine and quarry stockpiles can be calculated volumetrically, providing regular information without the need for dangerous and time-consuming manual surveys.In areas near roads or railways, the slopes of surrounding terrain can be measured and compared with previous survey data to check for movement, detecting early signs of potential landslides.

Aerial drone services are yielding more and more actionable insights for projects of all kinds, because of the richness of data drones can capture and the range of possible uses. As early adopters of drone survey technology, Recon is constantly developing its services and finding new, industry-specific uses for survey data.

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