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3 Reasons To Use A Drone For Excellent Scanner Laser Results In 3D

As separate entities, drones and laser scanners in 3D have both been around for some time now.

As separate entities, drones and laser scanners in 3D have both been around for some time now. 

Drones have been used for photography and videography, surveillance, search and rescue, weather monitoring, traffic monitoring and firefighting, to name just a few of their practical applications.

3D scanners are used across many fields, including design, manufacturing and engineering. Their ability to accurately measure and capture data has proved invaluable, providing a cheaper, more reliable and faster alternative to old-fashioned, manual data collection methods.

More recently, these two remarkable technologies have been combined with spectacular results. Read on to learn more about three areas where drones and scanner lasers in 3D have been employed in tandem.

Survey Mapping With Drone Scanner Lasers In 3D

These days the fastest and most accurate way to map an area is to use a combination of drone and laser scanning technologies. It is now simply a case of flying drones with scanner lasers attached to collect accurate 3D data and measurements. This information is processed digitally to produce 3D maps that are totally accurate.

The data collected can also be used to produce physical models in full 3D to assist in the design and planning of various projects. And the time it takes to process all this data is short, and results will be available very quickly.

Combining The Old And The New

Data from land-based 3D scanner lasers can be combined with the data collected by drones, providing even more reference points for increased accuracy in your digital 3D mapping of projects.

To increase the usefulness of the data collected, it can be combined with more traditional border and property information, owner's data, tax data and more to make the drone info collected by scanner 3D even more valuable to a broader clientele.

Working Faster, Cheaper And Safer

The most innovative way to work these days is using drones equipped with scanner lasers in 3D. The amount of personnel required to do the work is minimal, and the methodology means that measuring is done hands-off, which ensures the safety of everyone involved. Very little equipment is required.

And best of all, the process is relatively simple and quick, and the results are highly accurate. That sounds like a win-win-win all around!

Contact Recon today to find out how we can use our drones with scanner lasers to produce 3D digital and physical models of your project area. Talk to our experienced team about your scanning requirements, and we will tell you how we can help you.


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