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KEy Staff

Recon staff come from a variety of backgrounds, from civil surveying and aerial mapping, to telecommunications, manufacturing and 3D design. Recon has worked with organisations such as Kiwirail, Auckland Council, Vector and NZ Steel on a wide range of projects.

Recon’s UAV fleet is operated by trained pilots with significant flying and data collection experience. Our team operate both fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs, as well as from manned helicopters, and ensure the quick dissemination of data to clients. 

Below are some profiles for our key staff members.


surveyor | director

Recon's Managing Director Jeremy Neilson has a wide degree of aerial mapping and surveying experience. Prior to Recon, Jeremy developed his consultancy skills and knowledge within a fixed wing aerial mapping business. Jeremy also says that, while the hardware might be scaled down somewhat, the technologies and methodologies involved in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) mapping results in higher resolution, greater accuracy geo-referenced spatial data.

“My role within Recon is to talk with our clients about their mapping and surveying needs so we can assess how best to get the data they require. We’ve a number of high tech solutions that are both cost and time effective, meaning aerial mapping is no longer the preserve of only the bigger projects.”

Recent advances in the design of robust and adaptable UAV technology means a more cost-effective mapping solution is now available for a much wider variety of projects. “The ability to fly under cloud and dispatch data extremely quickly after it’s captured is helping to establish UAV mapping as the tool of choice across multiple industries,” says Jeremy. Jeremy is looking forward to exploring the true potential of the technology in a variety of markets and introducing smaller entities to the feasibility of UAV mapping.

Ben Cook

UAV Prime Person

A love of motorsport led Recon’s Ben Cook towards a career in engineering and design in his native England, where he worked for eight years producing CNC machined components for high performance Formula One cars for the high-profile Toyota and McLaren teams, and MotoGP motorcycle parts for the Sauber team during that sport’s two-stroke era.

Now based in New Zealand and part of our team as Recon’s UAV Prime Person,  3D modelling and laser scanning expert, Ben works with Recon clients in order to gather high definition aerial and terrestrial scan data for processing. His background in engineering and design means he’s well-equipped to liaise with clients in order to establish and complete their scanning needs.

Ben captures structures using high speed FARO laser scanning technology, creating meshes and models from which Recon clients can assess data for a multitude of task solutions.

When not at work, Ben loves racing in the Hyosung 250 Cup, proving that while he might have left MotoGP behind professionally, his interest in high-performance engineering and technology – not to mention out-and-out speed – remains strong.