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The Scanner Produced By Recon Limited

The models produced by Recon’s 3D building scanner exceed the accuracy and level of detail of a manual survey and can enhance a construction project at all stages.

The Scanner Produced By Recon Limited

The FARO 3D scanner captures the surroundings in 360 degrees, using both a laser and a digital camera. Laser scans capture millions of data points, known as a pointcloud which is combined with gps technology to exactly locate the x, y and z coordinates of each point. At the same time, the digital camera captures a colour reference for each of these data points. Recon uses building scanners which are operated from the ground, as well as scanners that can be attached to drones and flown over a building to directly capture its roof and sides. 

Because building scanners capture data quickly and can be operated at a range of distances, they are safer to use and less disruptive than traditional surveying methods. Construction or renovation projects can carry on unimpeded, and it is possible to obtain detailed data for sites which are too dangerous to enter. 

3D building scans are useful throughout the lifecycle of a building. During construction the Faro scan can quickly indicate progress and any issues, and a scan of a newly completed building can be used to create a BIM model for organising ongoing maintenance. Renovation projects similarly become faster and more cost effective when they begin with a complete scan-to-model of the existing structure. 

Scanning and Modelling with Recon

Our expert team will work to ensure a thorough scan of the building is captured, including interiors and even unlit spaces where  these are required. Once the scans have been collected, we are able to import the data directly or create a range of models depending on software and project requirements. The 3D pointcloud data is increasingly compatible with most software suites, but Recon are also able to assist with meshing the data or modelling through our own specialist software. 

3D BIM models are extremely powerful tools for coordinating a construction  project and reducing potential errors from the outset. Contact Recon today to discuss the ways a 3D building scan could benefit your next construction project. 

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