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Scan building services

Precise and detailed measurement of internal and external building surfaces is most efficiently obtained via 3D point cloud survey, also known as high definition survey.  The 3D pointcloud can be used directly for analysis or, more commonly, modelled for direct import into design software.

Using the latest laser scanning equipment we are able to capture building structures and landscapes in high detail. The information made available through 3D laser scanning buildings provides an accurate replica of the building structure. It will include everything from accurate structural measurements to spatial data. This provides a wealth of information to key stakeholders especially when compared to more traditional surveying methods. Allowing richer and more informed design, building and maintenance decisions to be made.

Our 3d laser scanner

We utilise high-grade laser scanning equipment from reputable brands like Faro. We combine professional survey equipment with experienced surveying specialists to ensure accuracy tolerances are always maintained.
With the right personnel and equipment in place we can then scan structures and landscapes to capture a wide array of data in a relatively short time frame. The point cloud data that is generated can then be used to visualise, plan and develop your project.
Some Typical Use Cases for 3D Laser Scanning include:
- New building projects
- Building Information Modeling (BIM)
- Renovations and extensions
- Asbuilt information gathering.

3D building scanning provides architects and engineers with the ability to obtain highly accurate, 2D and 3D data in a range of formats.   In its simplest form the scan data can be used to generate floor plans and elevations.    

While a measure up using tape measure or hand-held digital distance measurer is relatively straight forward it won’t show when floors and walls are not level or parallel.  Our building scanning service provides clients the assurance that all anomalies are captured,reducing the surprises once building crews are on site for renovation and installations.

One Scan dataset - multiple applications

The plans and elevations are most often supplied in DWG format in appropriate layers, suitable for import into any common CAD / design software or simply for hardcopy printing.  As the project progresses the client may wish to have the original scan data utilised for BIM building applications.  The survey team will not need to revisit the site and the client will benefit many times over from the original investment.

Recon are leading experts in NZ 3D Scanning. Speak to the owners directly about 3D scanning buildings, email or, or call us on 0800 732 669.