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Gain detailed insights into building structures and natural landscapes by harnessing the power of 3D laser scanning surveys. Laser scanning surveys produce rich and detailed point cloud data that can be used to visualise projects, structures and landscapes in detail to make informed decisions.

3D Laser Scanner

We utilise resilient and high quality 3D laser scanners such as Faro. This is coupled with experienced operators to ensure data integrity. 3D laser scanners work fast and effectively to capture detailed data to enable comprehensive visualisation of structures and landscapes over a large area if required. This point cloud that is captured includes rich information such as measurements and spatial data.

3d laser scanning equipment for buildings

Modern 3D laser scanning equipment for buildings can capture photorealistic scans. The detailed scan can then be used in a variety or areas and industries to assist with design, planning and development . 3D laser scanning equipment can also capture a large volume of data in short order making it a cost effective option especially when compared to traditional survey methods.

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