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Recon's Contribution to 2018 Winter Olympics | 3D Scanner

Recon's Contribution to 2018 Winter Olympics

Recently Recon travelled to the beautiful slopes of Queenstown to provide terrain data for The Mill production team ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Working with Publicist and Director Jaron Albertin out of Smuggler, The Mill helped to create this inspiring spot for the International Olympics Committee, helping to promote the 2018 Winter Olympics. The spot depicts a number of athletes taking part in a variety of different winter sports, casting a bright glowing light as they perform against a contrasting dark background. The idea is to  portray these sporting stars as glowing examples, helping to unite the world during the global sporting event about to take place. 

Mill Shoot Supervisor Zoe Cosh explains, 'It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with Jaron Albertin on this epic project for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. It was shot around Queenstown in New Zealand at various locations including the Snow Farm. It was mostly shot using two high powered drones carrying an ALEXA Mini and custom lighting rig which was pretty challenging given the extreme weather conditions that we faced including high winds and blizzards throughout the night. 

Recon's team contributed geo base data by way of 3D laser scanner. In somewhat challenging (and cold) conditions Recon's scanning technician captured the slalom slopes and bobsleigh course. The Mill experts integrated this data into their post-production, and the results speak for themselves.

For the post The Mill used Flame and Nuke to comp all the shots. All the shots were finessed using in camera plates of flares and snow. they added subtle glows and refined the pools of light around the athletes to help tell the story of becoming the light throughout the spot. The end result is a cinematic and moving spot which captures the Olympic spirit.'Mill 3D Lead Artist Dan Moller continues, 'When I saw the first rushes for this spot I knew we were going to be crafting something special. Moving into our effects and plate extensions we were careful to strike a balance between retaining the beauty of the plates and gently augmenting them to serve the narrative. 

By seamlessly inserting snow sims, plate extensions, CG crowds and a good dose of relighting The Mill team are proud to have helped tell the story of the Olympic spirit. 

The full ad can be viewed here


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